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The genius of Lee Fields

17 Oct 2012

Lee Fields by Alex Marks

Another amazing polaroid from Alex Marks, this time of soul legend Lee Fields, who played an INCREDIBLE show here last Friday. More pictures to come, and special thanks to Alex Marks, Robert Pecina Jr., Rob Crowley, Chris Hillen, and Gory Smelley for all their work in making the show such a pleasure. Be sure to listen to the full Lee Fields interview tonight on Marfa Public Radio‘s Night Train from midnight to 2 am, where David Beebe goes deep and talks to Lee for a full hour.

And read this Fader post by Sam Hockley-Smith about Tame Impala’s song “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” which prompted me to buy the whole record:

I went for a walk, listening to “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” on repeat. … Maybe it was the jetlag, or maybe it actually happened—but pretty soon it looked like people were walking in lockstep to Kevin Parker’s beat, which is built on a stuttered keyboard melody and snappy bass, before it degrades into lush drum fills and fuzzed-out guitar, Parker repeating It feels like I only go backwards/ every part of me says go ahead/ I got my hopes up again (oh no, not again)/ feels like we only go backwards. Though I was dazed and confused and definitely exhausted, the song felt like a reality check for me — as life changing as you can reasonably call a song you didn’t write yourself is life changing.