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Why buy old sounds?

11 Feb 2013

Sun Ra business card

Sun Ra’s business card. (Accidentally titled this post “Why buy new sounds?” at first.)

(via tinyluckygenius)

Patrick Cassidy played Anne’s loving father, the sole survivor of the war

One to two pounds a week is a safe, healthy, and maintainable weight loss.
Community is examined as the focal point for establishing a commitment to environmental sustainability; and therefore, community dynamics play a central role in decision making.
for Israel and its policies.
He was at Channel Nine in the 1980s and early 1990s where he presided over Wide World of Sports in its heyday, before heading off to London with Sky.

As Brazil’s litigator, Azevedo locked horns with the EU and US over their subsidies for aircraft makers and cotton producers, although Brazil has also been accused of protectionism by trade partners.
Chang credited another marathoner, Ben Plotkin, for providing medical attention to her friend.