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DJ Camp 2022 with Chulita Vinyl Club ATX

20 Jun 202224 Jun 2022

Summer Shake Up

DJ Camp with the Chulita Vinyl Club

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Ballroom joined forces with Summer Shake Up for DJ Camp 2022, offered by Marfa ISD in collaboration with several community partner organizations. The 2022 DJ Camp was a vinyl-only workshop led by members of the Chulita Vinyl Club ATX for Marfa students in grades five through eight.

The workshop was designed to engage the imagination of youth from all musical backgrounds. Throughout the week, students  learned and practiced beat-matching, mixing, scratching, and more. While offering practical experience with turntables and vinyl records, The Chulita Vinyl Club ATX also presented DJing as an art form with a rich culture and history, with portions of each class covering the history of DJ culture, music collectives, basic music theory, and an introduction to zine-making. Students were encouraged to use found music and images to create their own narratives, celebrating personal history and cultural exploration. 

About the Instructors

Chulita Vinyl Club ATX. Photo by Jinny J @heyjinni.

Chulita Vinyl Club ATX

Chulita Vinyl Club (CVC) is an all-vinyl, all-genre DJ collective made up of women, gender-non-conforming, non-binary, LGBTQ+, and self-identifying people of color. CVC launched in 2014 with the context of providing a safe space for empowerment, and togetherness, and utilizing music and vinyl as a form of resistance against the erasure of culture. The CVC ATX chapter puts an emphasis on individuals of mixed-heritage combining narratives to speak crucially about intersectional identities. Each Chulita has their own unique identity. They are not to be classified as one nationality or culture; they can be brown, black, or white and all shades in between. The unifying denominator is the belief that el disco es cultura and they have established a strong coalition deliberately choosing to only play vinyl with the goal of activating a musical history that might not otherwise be shared in the digital age.

Xochi Solis

Xochi Solis (she/her) aka Mira Mira is a mixed media artist born and raised in Austin, TX. In addition to her studio practice, she manages and spins records with the Austin chapter of Chulita Vinyl Club with a focus on the preservation and performance of Tejanx culture.  // @xochisolis

Alejandra De La Huerta González

Alejandra De La Huerta González (she/her) aka Ale-Ale-Jandra is an Audio Engineer in the making. // @a.glz_atx 

 Mireydi Mendieta

Mireydi Mendieta (she/her) aka Pos Guau is a Mexican-Austinite Producer, DJ and Filmmaker. // @mireydi 

Listen: Official 2022 Mix

Austin’s DJ Mira Mira, Ale-Ale-Jandra and Pos Guau of the Chulita Vinyl Club had a blast teaching the kids how to drop a needle and make a smooth transition. For this final mix, these new little DJs picked their own vinyl and came up with a progression of tracks to put together. This is the final mix of Ballroom Marfa’s DJ Camp 2022.

Ballroom + CVC ATX are proud to present: DJ Creepsters, DJ Heat, DJ Monkey, DJ Watts, DJ Lightning Ninja, DJ DRKNS, DJ Devil Claw & DJ Savage, DJ Lockbox, DJ Alyssa, DJ Hinojos/Baddie, and DJ Lujan.