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DJ Camp 2023 with Chulita Vinyl Club ATX

5 Jun 20239 Jun 2023

Summer Shake Up

DJ Camp with the Chulita Vinyl Club

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Ballroom joined forces with Summer Shake Up for DJ Camp 2023, offered by Marfa ISD in collaboration with several community partner organizations. The 2023 DJ Camp was a vinyl-only workshop led by members of the Chulita Vinyl Club ATX for Marfa students in grades five through eight.

The four-day camp is designed to engage the imagination of youth from all backgrounds and introduce them to the world of vinyl. Throughout the week, students learn and practice beat-matching, mixing, scratching, and more. While offering practical experience with turntables and vinyl records, The Chulita Vinyl Club ATX also presented DJing as an art form with a rich culture and history, with portions of each class covering the history of DJ culture, music collectives, and an introduction to zine-making. Students are encouraged to use found music and images to create their own narratives, celebrating personal history and cultural exploration.