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DJ Camp 2020



DJ Bigface + DJ Dada

Ballroom Marfa is excited to present DJ Camp, now in its 10th year, entirely online. The program is free and available to any kid that wants to join!

In this new online iteration of DJ Camp, students will learn music sampling and mixing skills through instructional videos by DJ Bigface and DJ Dada from Austin, Texas. The online resources for DJ Camp this year will include a digital music library and a collaborative playlist of emerging DJ’s from the Chihuahuan Desert and beyond. The classes are designed to engage the imagination of students from all musical backgrounds. While gaining practical experience with music technology. Bigface and Dada will present DJing as an art form with a rich culture and history, with portions of each class covering the history of DJ culture, music collectives, and basic music theory.

In these trying times, music can connect us and keep us together. 


Listen to this special mix from DJ Dada created in celebration of DJ Camp!

Guided meditation to dance and listen to a range in the audio field, best heard through headphones. #FREETHEMALL (40 Mins)