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Ballroom Marfa Community Cocktail Hour

14 Apr 2016

WT1A4312 Photo by Alex Marks

Ballroom Marfa invites the community to join us at The Capri in Marfa on Thursday, April 21 from 6-7pm for drinks and conversation. The Capri will be unveiling a specially-prepared cocktail for the occasion, and they’ve generously offered to get the first round of drinks for current, renewing and first-time Ballroom members. This gathering is free and open to the public, and we would love to take this opportunity to welcome you in person as a member of Ballroom Marfa. Ballroom Marfa needs you. Your support allows us to continue to bring invigorating visual art, performance, music, and film to our remote high-desert community. Contributions from Ballroom members allow us to host banner weekends like After Effect and Marfa Myths, as well as intimate programs such as last year’s Desert Surf Films series and this weekend’s free Bitchin Bajas show. Members also enable Ballroom commissions, such as Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance, the next installment in Graham Reynolds’ Marfa Triptych. Your enthusiastic participation at our events is a huge part of this support, but your financial contributions are also crucial to our efforts. Sign up for a Ballroom Marfa membership anytime online, or call us at 432.729.3600.

A Trip Down Capri Sign Memory Lane

16 Dec 2013

Old Capri and Thunderbird

While rooting around in the archives, found this flyer from the Thunderbird Lounge, featuring photos of the old Thunderbird and Capri motels here in Marfa, Texas. Flyer circa 2004? 2005? Original photos circa the ’60s? ’70s? The motor inns have long since transformed into the Thunderbird Hotel and the Capri Lounge, used for weddings (our own Melissa McDonnell Luján had her reception there) and our concerts (Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Tinariwen, At the Drive-In, among others).

Old times

Capri sign by Felix de Voss

Photo by Felix de Voss

Immaterial sign by Vero Snow

Photo by Vero Snow

Photo by whammygirl

Photo by whammygirl

Photo by Lesley Brown

Photo by Lesley Brown

Comic Future sign by Lesley Brown

Photo by Fredrik Nilsen