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Ballroom Marfa and Art Production Fund do not discourage academic or editorial documentation of the Prada Marfa site. We prohibit all alterations – temporary or otherwise – to the site or its immediate surroundings. Location agreements and other documentation are not required, and will not be authorized. Please inform us of your editorial or academic projects at [email protected].

APF and Ballroom Marfa do not authorize or permit commercial photography to be taken at the Prada Marfa site. No photographs may be published, sold, reproduced, distributed or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner. Rare exceptions can be made for organizations that are interested in making a substantial contribution to support the work of APF and Ballroom Marfa. For details, please contact [email protected].

For press inquiries please contact [email protected].

Selected Press Coverage

2019 – The Guardian: How a Luxury Boutique became a Texas Landmark

2018 – New York Times: Marfa Road Trip

2014 – Vogue: A Visit to Prada Marfa

2014 – Texas Monthly: 12 Photos of the Vandalization that Briefly Turned Prada Marfa into 

“TOMS Marfa”

2011 – BBC: America’s Strangest Roadside Attractions

2005 – New York Times: Prada as Desert Sculpture